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Telephone Service and your Alarm System
It’s important to understand how the typical Security System communicates with the Central Station.  When a system communicates with the Central Station it does so in much the same manner as when you make a telephone call.
Historically, the telephone service provided to most homes and businesses were called POTS lines (plain old telephone service) and consisted of a copper wire linking your home or business to the telephone company’s analog telephone network.
More recently, telephone service has been evolving to digital service and is being offered by several different providers.  There are now “Bundled Services Packages” being offered that include digital VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) telephone service included with television and Internet service packages.
Although most digital telephone services are compatible with your Security System’s ability to communicate, there have been some services that have proved unreliable and/or have failed completely.
It is important to test your system frequently, especially if you have recently changed telephone service providers or upgraded your telephone service.  Please contact us if you recently changed, or are considering changing, telephone service providers and have questions regarding compatibility or testing.
Please see our Products and Services page for options regarding monitoring your Security System via the Internet and/or Cellular GSM technologies.  These options also provide a means to communicate with the Central Station for locations not served by telephone lines.  
Alarm Verification Numbers 
The Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) program is part of a nationwide initiative designed by Public Safety Agencies and the Alarm Industry to reduce false dispatches by means of more thorough procedures such as two or more verification telephone calls.
Your Alarm Verification Telephone Numbers are the telephone numbers our Central Station Dispatcher calls to verify whether or not you need a Police or Fire Company response prior to their dispatch.  Please remember that PANIC, DURESS, and manual and/or commercial FIRE ALARM signals are never verified by our Central Station prior to dispatching help.  If you wish to cancel a dispatch, immediately call our Central Station at 1-800-633-2677 to speak directly with a dispatcher.
Contact us today if you wish to update your verification telephone numbers.  Thank you for doing your part to help reduce false alarm dispatches!
Your Contact Notification List
Like your Verification Telephone Numbers, your Contact Notification List names and telephone numbers are very important to keep updated.  This information is used by the Central Station Dispatcher to notify you and/or your agent of an alarm or trouble event at the protected premises.  These telephone numbers can be cell, home, or work telephone numbers.  Family, employees, friends, or neighbors are notified on your behalf and are advised of alarm or trouble conditions at your home or business.
Please contact us today if you wish to review or update your Contact Notification List.              
System Inspections and Service Plans
System inspections are an important part of maintaining your Security System in reliable operating condition.  We strongly recommend yearly inspections to clean and functionally test all devices and check the condition of standby batteries.  This is also a good time to review your Verification and Contact Notification List telephone numbers.
Systems Connection, Inc. offers Preferred Extended Service Agreements (PESA) for all systems we install.  A PESA plan effectively extends the warranty period by providing coverage for the parts and labor required for routine repairs at no additional cost.  In addition, a yearly inspection is also included.
Whether you select the peace of mind of a PESA plan or simply wish to schedule an inspection on a time and material basis, you will help ensure your Security System continues to operate reliably.
Please contact us today to schedule a System Inspection and mention that you saw this offer on-line to receive a 20% discount.
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